To make wine and to mature it; to allow the expression of the fruit itself to become clear…

And to always pursue this quest in harmony with nature. From the vine to the wine, Christian's method is a traditional one, one that he inherited through his father's expertise: to honour the fruit, land and vintage. The grapes are harvested at the height of their maturity and never afterwards. They are manually harvested by a small team of loyal, regular workers. The grapes are 100% destemmed and undergo a drastic reduction in numbers during the selection process at the sorting table. Christian only keeps the best fruit. In the vat, the grapes' bounty flows into its juice, which will be macerated for at least three weeks. Christian keeps pigeages and pumping-over to a minimum to avoid interfering. Finally, the wines are slowly matured, for periods of eighteen to twenty months, giving them the time to develop in their oak casks: up to 50% of the volume of the Grand Cru wine is thus matured. Christian remains attentive, allowing each vintage the time it needs to express itself fully. This is the secret of wines made with such pure fruit: the true fruit of this land. Isabelle and Christian conduct all the processes right up to bottling, which takes place on the estate.

This deep bond with the land
is shared by the couple in their uncompromising approach.